Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wednesday bookmarks, Dec 1

View from my office window. It's -17°C today - absolutely freezing, in other words.

I've bookmarked quite a few things this past week, while reading up on my favorite blogs. First, a few things that I tried on my trip to New York, and really want to re-create at home. On the top of that list is definitely the guacamole we had at Dos Caminos (which I haven't told you about yet) - it was amazing. Luckily, the recipe was easy to find and seems easy to make, too.

I also really must try fried mac & cheese. Again, it seems pretty easy, if not exactly healthy... And neither is this recipe for fried onion strings, but I must try it anyway.

Healthier - a little - is the Swedish Pizza Salad. It's served at every pizzeria, and while it's basically a vinegar-y cole slaw, it's better than it sounds. At least if done right. This recipe looks promising!

And finally some cookies. Have you started your holiday baking yet? I'm mixing up a batch of Gingerbread Cookie Dough - Pepparkakor - later today, as it will be much better if the flavors have a chance to develop for a week or two. But I also want to try these Pistachio Cookies from Trissalicious, and definitely hot chocolate and marshmallow macarons from Eat, Live, Travel, Write!

As always, for all of my bookmarks, you can check out my Delicious page.


Sean Grey Hanson said...

My mom's having a mild cold coz of the weather. It's really freezing! I had to wear 2 shirts underneath coz I easily get cold.

Delishhh said...

Mmmm Pepparkakor on my to do list next week. Swedish kind are the best

Rebecca Kline said...

Fried + Mac & Cheese = not all that great. Kinda tastes like a big ball of cholesterol. It is getting a bit chilly here too - about 18 degrees C here for the high today. I actually had to put on close toed shoes. Brrr. :-P

Love ya' and miss ya!