Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Wednesday Bookmarks Nov 3

Well, no comments on my bookmark post last week, but I like it so I'll continue for a while! I think it's a great way to feature some other excellent food blogs and give some linking love to them, and hopefully it can help you discover some delicious recipes, too!

So - these are things I haven't tried yet, but am dying to make. For all of my bookmarks, you can check out my Delicious page.

One of my favorite Swedish bloggers, Helena Ljunggren, posted about these donut muffins, and I really have to make them. I love donuts, but they're a lot of work to make yourself (although you can bet I'm going to eat a lot of them in NYC, Krispy Kreme and Doughnut Plant HERE WE COME!) so a muffin that tastes like a donut? Perfect. Helena's blog is in Swedish, but her photos are so gorgeous you really should check it out.

Framed posted about a chicken vegetable cobbler that looks extremely comforting and yummy in this cold and dark fall weather we've been having. And perfect for me who's not a huge pastry fan, since a cobbler is more of a pie-filling-topped-with-biscuits sort of thing.

Steamy Kitchen served up some roasted cauliflower with bacon and garlic - sounds great!

I've been wanting to make power bars for a while, and this recipe from Kung Markatta (a Swedish producer of organic foods) is particularly interesting. It has oats, nuts, seeds, fruits and.. peanut butter. How can you go wrong with that?

Finally, Annika from Swedish food blog Smaskens, just posted this recipe for a creamy yet tangy rhubarb cream sauce to go with roasted duck. Sauces are NOT my forte, so I'll be trying this!


Filippa said...

Oh, tack för länken till munkmuffinsarna ! Yummie, ska provas. Och jag är dålig på att kommentera men det blir en Allt Om Mat kokbok till mig själv i julklapp - tack vare din post.

Ayuni said...

din blogg gör mig verkligen vill veta mer om Sveriges matlagning

Nikki said...

Thanks for all hints! Should've said it last time. :)

bridgetwhoplaysfrenchhorn said...

If only I read Swedish...

Wait--igelkottar! Jordgubbar! Kortbullar! Probably my favorite three things in Swedish, at least right now. :)