Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Bookmarks, Nov 17

view on Nov 17, 2010
View from my bedroom window, Nov 17, 2010

You guys, I'm leaving for New York today! I'll be there with my lovely girlfriends, and we'll have so much fun shopping and eating! I'll try to keep you updated via Twitter and maybe a few blog posts, when I have Internet access.

To keep you busy while I'm away, here's some goodies I've been bookmarking this past week:

Croquetas is one of my guilty pleasures whenever I'm in Spain. I buy them frozen, and they're completely delightful. I've never tried making my own, but this recipe for Chorizo Croquetas looks irresistible.

Next one lured my with it's name: Trailer Trash Pot Roast. How can that not be a winner?

More beef, this time in a stew. It has a tropical twist: coconut! Coconut Beef Stew might sound surprising, but I think it will work. And I think Titus will love it!

Noodles is one of my favorite foods, in any shape or form, and this Sweet Soy Ginger Sauce is something I definitely must try.

December is fast approaching, and I know I'll be attending and probably hosting a few holiday parties. These pinwheels with brie, prosciutto and apple look great - they'd go perfectly with a small glass of spiced Glögg.

And finally, a soup! A tomato bulgur soup, topped with crunchy five-spice cauliflower. Looks just perfect for this cold weather!

As always, for all of my bookmarks, you can check out my Delicious page.


Anonymous said...

Njut av NY, du måste tipsa om lite bra ställen, vi åker den 28 novmeber. Hälsar Gondolen-Anette

debbie koenig said...

Anne, thanks for the shout-out! And welcome to New York! If you make it to Williamsburg (Brooklyn) drop me a line--I'd love to meet you after all these years.

Mrs. Zantstorm said...

Hej Anne, ha det så jättebra i NY!!

elpi said...

It's a refreshing view so solemn. .WOW! have a good day ahead of you. .Just update us on your trip. HAve a nice day

elpi said...

Done checking those recipes.