Friday, August 20, 2010

Vanilla Pannacotta with strawberries


Here's a perfect little dessert - just the thing after a good dinner. I love how it's all prepared in advance, and it's really quite fail-proof. The only fault I made last time was to NOT make a separate one for Titus - he ended up having ice cream instead, but he liked the pannacotta much more.

Vanilla Pannacotta with strawberries
(printable recipe)
Serves 4

Vanilla pannacotta:
300 ml cream (full-fat)
1 1/2 sheets of gelatine
50 ml homemade vanilla sugar (or regular sugar)
1/2 vanilla bean

Soak the gelatine sheets in cold water for at least five minutes. Meanwhile, bring the cream, sugar and the scraped out vanilla bean to a boil. Stir until the sugar is dissolved. Remove the vanilla bean. Add the gelatine, and stir until it's completely dissolved. Pour into small cups or glasses and place in the fridge for at least four hours.

Strawberry topping:
250 g fresh strawberries
1 tbsp white baking syrup (Glucose or corn syrup are probably quite similar to this, honey is nice too)

Mix half of the strawberries with the syrup, using a blender or a stick blender. Cut the rest into small dice, and stir together. Place cold, and when the pannacotta has set, spoon over the topping.

Recipe in Swedish:
Vaniljpannacotta med jordgubbar


Unknown said...

what a pretty dessert

Emmas Kök said...

BIG like on this one! :)

Paula said...

what a beautiful colours!

have a nice time,


MUST try this one!
It looks really good in it's individual glass pots...what are they called in swedish please, haven't seen any that small around
Tack saa mycket Anne

P.S. You defo have to make one for Titus NEXT TIME! X

Anne said...

Julie, these are actually old yogurt pots. It's a French yogurt brand, I've only ever seen it in a bakery in Stockholm (Fabrique) but I really wish it was more readily available. I love the little pots!

An easier option is to buy baby food jars!