Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My breakfast

I got an e-mail last night asking me to blog about my breakfast - so here you go! :)

This is, with some variations, what I eat on most weekdays. Two open-faced sandwiches - today a very coarse rye bread with liver paté and tomatoes, but more often with cheese - alongside coffee and a glass of fizzy vitamin-C. And a bowl of fruit - raspberries, kiwi and passion fruit.

On weekends, we usually get freshly baked bread (or in a pinch, use bake-up baguettes from the grocery store), add boiled eggs and sometimes juice. And sometimes we go for a more American approach and make pancakes and bacon. Sometimes scones. It doesn't really matter, but I really insist on fancier breakfasts during the weekend (and holidays)!

So, there you have it. A lot of Swedes also eat filmjolk (cultured sour milk) or yogurt, or porridge. I do it very rarely myself.


John K said...

Those tomatoes look very fresh and delicious. I also wish I could get filmjolk here.

Berkey Water Filter said...

I think that taste weird and yummy. will be having that too next day.

Puglette said...

looks good! is that liver pate home made or store bought? and is it usually liver pate with cheese? or the tomatoes with the cheese. i love tomatoes and good grainy bread together! delicious!!

Anne said...

Puglette - it's storebought and *very* light on the liver :) I'd never eat regular liver, really don't care for the flavor, but this is very mild. I like it with tomaoes - when I have cheese sandwiches, I prefer cucumber, or no veggies at all. :)

Tara said...

oh! Breakfast GRANDEUR!
Is that home-made coffee? Makes it all the more healthy :)

Margot said...

Nice, healthy breakfast...
I usually don't have appetite in the morning so only have coffee with our without some biscuit. And then hour or two later I have something proper, often Weetabix with some fruits and nuts on the top, or wholegrain bread topped with cream cheese, tomato and lots of cracked pepper.