Saturday, May 08, 2010

A delicious reminder

I'm away on a short weekend getaway to Gothenburg - we're nicely settled into our upgraded and very large hotel room, and Titus is excitedly exploring after hours in the car - so I'll just give you a very short post today. In fact, I just wanted to remind you about social bookmarking, and the site Delicious. I have an account there and I use it to bookmark all the stuff I find on other food blogs and want to make. I'll never get around to all of it, I'm sure - but it's a great place to look for ideas when I'm out of inspiration. You can see all my bookmarks, as well as start your own account, of course.

Have fun! And have a great weekend!


Kay in Oregon said...

Wonder if William F Terner is still in Gotenburg. Old boyfriend of mine..

Jewish said...

Though food should be eaten in a control way, but such a delicious items make me so crazy. Your posting is one of them.