Monday, April 19, 2010

Fish curry with apples


Ok. Another one of these dishes where I've held off blogging for so long, I've forgotten what I made. Which meant it wasn't particularly memorable, I suppose. Anyway - this was cod, with a mild curry sauce, and a lot of finely diced apples. A rather nice combination, especially with boiled potatoes, but nothing I'd go out of my way to make again. Still, maybe it'll be inspirational for those wanting to get more ideas for what to make with fish...

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Unknown said...

I think it sounds nice but a bit dull. Maybe adding a few fun stuff would make it more interesting? I´m not a big fan of "curry-powder" but to make your own curry according to an Indian recepie and then to add fennels and other veggies to the stew, (fresh tomatoes, carrots?)? and to serve with some fresh pinapple and rice. Maybe a raita?? Maybe the apples could be exchanged for mango chutney on the side? Or something else.... Just spice it up some and I like the idea of cooking fish in a more exotic way..
Would appriciate if anyone else had any ideas b´cause I wanna learn more ways to prepare a nice fish dish!