Monday, March 01, 2010

Pistachio Chèvre Crostini


I'm always on the lookout for quick little appetizers to serve to my guests while I'm finishing up in the kitchen. I found this recipe via Tastespotting, and immediately knew it'd be perfect. I adore chèvre cheese, and while I like all sorts of nuts, pistachios are some of my favorites.

I used ready-bought crostini, but you could certainly make your own from day-old baguettes. (Drizzle with oil, and toast in the oven.)

Pistachio Chèvre Crostini
(printable recipe)
makes 20

200 g chèvre cheese
3-4 tbsp crea
black pepper
100 g pistachios (unsalted)
20 crostini (or toasted baguette slices)

Set aside 20 pistachios for decoration. Chop the rest, and mix with the cheese and the cream to a nice spreadable consistency. Season with salt and pepper. Spread on crostini, and top with the reserved whole pistachios.

Recipe in Swedish:
Getostcrostini med pistage


natural selection said...

I like this!it's different!

Anonymous said...

what a nice little idea! Will definitely be putting these together next time people come for dinner!