Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chocolate Mint Macarons


Certainly not my prettiest macarons to date, but they were still tasty. I used un-aged egg whites this time, and maybe because of that the batter was runnier than usual. (I also used unpeeled almonds due to extreme laziness but I don't think that affected the texture - just the appearance.) Hence, the macarons turned out bigger and flatter. I should have adjusted the oven time, but as it was, I over-baked them slightly. And the feet - well, they are just big and ugly.

However, even ugly macarons taste good. Especially when they're filled with mint-chocolate ganache. Super simple by the way - chop 200 g of dark chocolate, mix with 100 ml of boiling cream and a few drops of peppermint extract. Stir until smooth and wait for it to cool and thicken before filling the macs.

For a lot prettier macarons, check out this round-up over at MacTweets!


Erka Perka said...

De var väl inte fula, jag tycker de var fina och ser goda ut!

onemorehandbag said...

They might not be up to your usual macaron-standard, but at least they have the smooth surface which I can never seem to achieve.

Angelica said...

These seem so delicious I think you just might have convinced me to make my 2nd ever batch of macarons. I didn't like them when I made them the 1st time, but Chocolate Mint-anything has my mouth watering!
However, can I substitute the almonds for some other nut, or something else completely as I am not a big fan of ground almonds/nuts....
Thanks for sharing!

Anne said...

Angelica - sorry, I don't know of a good substitute. I've tried substituting half the almonds with pistachios and that worked well. I've tried coconut too and that didn't work at all.