Saturday, February 27, 2010

More chocolate!


My valentine's day gift this year was this pretty box of handmade chocolates from Chokladfabriken. Very nice!


Sara said...

That looks...amazing!


Anne lucky you!
They look to die for...
Most definitely will be paying this shop a visit in Sodermalm when I'm in S'holm next week.
Jag hoppas du har en bra helgen
julie x

John K said...

Hej Anne, that looks good. I grew up in California where we had Sees Candy and you can order from them in the States but probably not Sweden. They are really good, here's a link to Nuts & Chews, the one to go with. Hälsningar, John.

Anne said...

Julie, make sure you try their licorice caramel - it's amazing!

John, that's just mean. :) I love See's, but you're right, no ordering from Sweden. The next friend who goes to California will have to bring me a box!!

John K said...

Hehe, förlåt mig Anne :D