Monday, January 25, 2010

Bed & Breakfast in Sweden


Are you travelling to Sweden, but don't want to stay in a hotel? I often get questions from people wanting to vacation in Sweden, so I thought I'd introduce a good friend of mine to you. Kråke Lithander runs an Agency called Days in Sweden - I'll let her introduce it to you herself.

"Days in Sweden is a bed and breakfast agency with the ambition to offer its guests a genuine Swedish experience. You can go Swedish all the way and stay with a Swedish family, an experience that will introduce you to Swedish customs, food and living. It will also help you to make your stay as interesting as possible.


If you prefer to get a place of your own we have a number of lovely apartments and houses for rent. We have some rare objects that guarantees to give you an unusual experience - how about staying in a 17th century cottage in the centre of Stockholm? A 17th century wooden castle, 2 hour south of Stockholm, is a travel in time and a historical journey. Do you fancy going off the grid? Well, take a rowboat to a small island where you'll find a lovely fairytale cottage with no electricity or running water but still everything you'll need including the gear to catch your own fish for dinner. Or do you prefer an ultra-modern apartment? Small as well as big, we have that too.

Do you play golf? We have lovely places around Sweden close to golf courses. Do you want to learn to cook Swedish food, take a sauna and go skinny-dipping in the frozen sea, or experience how to pick crawfish, of course with the party and all the trimmings to go, Days in Sweden will help you out. If you have a special interest for your stay in Sweden don´t hesitate to ask and we´ll do our best to help you out. Rest assured you will have a memorable stay!"



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ptasia said...

Love the first pic. Will keep it in mind if/when I go to Sweden.
PS. Have just cried all over your Hamlet post :(

I Poderi del Sole said...

Great info, thank you.
I'm so sorry about Hamlet. 9 years old is way to young for a kitty.

Anette said...

Nice blog, fin blogg :) //nett

Dave -nibbleanibble said...

Great home feeling. And also a great way to absorb some cultural experiences.

dining tables said...

It seems that Sweden is a nice place to have breakfast with. I suddenly remembered Hamlet, I am still in shocked.