Friday, August 14, 2009

Frozen Tiramisu Cake


How about a nice dessert for the weekend? This is perfect if you have guests, since it can be prepared in advance... and the leftovers will keep well, too, as long as you keep them frozen.

I love tiramisu - but mostly the creaminess, and not so much the boring sponge. This cake has less cake, and more frozen creamy goodness, so I find it rather perfect. I think it'd be nice to add some more chocolate - maybe chocolate sponge layers, or a thin layer of chocolate mousse... or truffle. Well, that's for another time.

You can use store-bought cake layers, or make your own - I went with ones from the store.

Frozen Tiramisu Cake
(printable recipe)

4 eggs
150 ml sugar, divided
500 g mascarpone
100 ml marsala wine
200 ml cream (heavy, double, whipping or whatever the fattiest one is called in your country.)
2 layers from a pre-made cake
3 tbsp frangelico or amaretto liqueur
5 tbsp strong coffee or espresso, cooled
15 dark chocolate disks, for decoration
cocoa powder, for decoration

Separate the eggs into yolks and whites and place in two bowls. Beat the egg whites with 50 ml of the sugar until they're stiff and glossy. Beat the yolks with the remaining 100 ml of sugar until pale and fluffy. Stir in the mascarpone and the marsala.

Whisk the cream until thick and fluffy, and fold into the egg yolk mixture. Finally fold in the egg whites.

Mix coffee and frangelico or amaretto in a small bowl.

Place one cake layer in a springform tin (mine is 24 cm in diameter). Spoon over half of the coffee mixture, and then half of the creamy filling. Place the other cake layer on top, moisten with the rest of the coffee mix and cover with the rest of the filling.

Place in the freezer for at least five hours, or over night. Let it soften slightly before serving, and decorate with chocolate disks and cocoa powder.

Recept på engelska:
Frusen tiramisutårta


Heatherfeather said...

This looks really good!

Pam, aka, Dessert Lady said...

This is a beautiful presentation of a classic Italian dessert.

Restaurante Valerie said...

This looks delicious!

Katie said...

I love tiramisu but agree it can sometimes be a little soft. Never thought of eating it frozen though, but longing to try it out now