Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday night quesadillas


Jessica said...

The cheese, the cheese!! (and the prohibition against cheese while pregnant).
What cheese did you go with?

Anne said...

Oh, for these it's just basic shredded cheap "mozzarella". It sounds sad, but in these.. it's good. They're also stuffed with red chili, cilantro and chicken. :)

Jessica said...

Try Kvibille ädel (in tiny bits) + kvibille cheddar (shredded) and toss in some rucola, that makes a great quesadilla but it's very rich in taste. Maybe not something to have while feeding a baby. Can you have the cheeses (etc) that were blacklisted while pregnant now that the baby has arrived?

Anne said...

Sounds nice! We did a version with jumbo shrimp and corn a while back - that was also really good.

And oh yes, cheese is fine when breastfeeding - all kinds. Soft cheese is not recommended during pregnancy due to the risk of being infected with listeria.

Swedish Mike said...

These looks great! Makes me want to cook up a batch straight away.

I got two other versions that might be worth trying?

- Brie and mango
- Brie and grapes

They're a bit sweeter but kicks ass with a good homemade salsa. Perfect as starters.

// Mike