Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Baked potato

.. With Skagen-salad. Delicious.


Angelica said...

Delicious! I haven't had that in ages. Have now put it in my food schedule for this weekend. Did you make the Skagenröra yourself?

Thanks for a great blog, I'm doing the same thing, a Swedih girl blogging about food in English.

Swedish Mike said...

Looking good to me! I really must get my arse into gear and make myself some skagenrora soon.

It's been far too long since I had some of that.

Thanks for the inspiration!

// Mike

Anne said...

Well, I normally *would* make my own.. but I admit that this one came from Melander's Fisk. :)

Jamie said...

one of my favorites from my trip to Sweden was the SkagenToast. I ate it everywhere I went, and each place did it just a little differently than the last. I found that the upscale places lost the rustic edge that I preferred, but I would eat it with the King and Queen if allowed ! On potato - pure decadence. I love it