Sunday, April 19, 2009

Free Cone Day


Don't miss Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day - Tuesday April 21. I think it's worldwide! In Stockholm, you can find it in a few locations, including a brand new one in Old Town. For worldwide locations, see the website.

While we're at it - what's your favorite flavor? Mine was Cherry Garcia, but that's no longer available in Sweden. *sad sigh*


e said...

Chocolate Therapy - no longer available in Sweden :( Due to the absence of my favourite Halfe Baked has to act as a substitute.

Laura said...

We have only a small different flavors in Finland. :< Cherry Garcia is my favorite, but no longer sell it anywhere except the scoop shop - and there's only ONE of them in the whole country! Plus, B&J's is also ridiculously expensive in here (~6 euros for 500ml and 3 euros for one cone), but I'm still addicted to them.. @_@

I've also heard that there's a free cone day this month, but I remembered it was on 24th.. thanks for the tip, I have to check the scoop shop tomorrow!

Btw, where exactly are B&J's scoop shops or cafes in Stockholm? Next time I visit I'm desperate to taste Half-Baked!

Anne said...

kaffein, of course! The Stockholm locations are:

Ben & Jerry's kiosk
Klarabergsgatan/Sveavägen (this is by Sergels Torg)

Ben & Jerry's
Västerlånggatan 41, Gamla stan

Ben & Jerry's
Tyresö C

Dagmar said...

Oh, so that's why we couldn't find Cherry Garcia in the store the other day. Too bad!!

Sabrina said...

Chubby Hubby - peanut butter ice cream with peanut butter filled pretzels with a fudge ribbon. Yummmm.

Anonymous said...

cherry garcia are back in sweden!

Anne said...

Anonomyous - really? It's not on the website yet though..

Anonymous said...

Bohemian Raspberry is my fave - vanilla with raspberry swirls and pieces of fudge brownie.

And I thought we didn't have much B&J choice in the UK!