Thursday, March 05, 2009

Have you tried the "yumberry"?


I was invited to an event to introduce the new Chiquita smoothie, which incorporates Yang Mei berries (in addition to blackberries and raspberries). This super-food from China is also marketed under the name "yumberry" and apparently popular as a juice. We got to try the new smoothie, the juice (which isn't sold in Sweden) and also a grand dessert using the smoothie to make several dessert components. Pretty exciting! The berry is elusive and hard to get, but very healthy and super-high in anti-oxidants. The flavor is a bit hard to pinpoint, but I felt that it was slightly astringent, along the lines of cranberries or lingonberries. Others thought it was closer to cloudberries.


The smoothie didn't really taste much of the berry itself (no wonder since it only contains half a berry) but it was really good anyway and has a lot of blackberry-raspberry flavor. It was also quite tangy and not overly sweet. I don't think I'll bother making into bavaroise or parfait, as we were served, but I will buy it as a quick snack every now and then.

Oh - and if anyone knows where I can find miniature jars like the one in the second picture, do let me know! I thought that was super cute!


Boywing said...

I have tried the "yumberry" when I was in China this winter. There it is called Waxberry (when using English) . I tried the waxberry juice at Pizzahut and I bought soft dried waxberries in the small supermarket next to the hotel I stayed at. I made a blog entry about it. Later I also tried fresh berries that had been stored in Chinese strong liquor. Home made. Strong but tasty. :)

Tiggy said...

Looks yum. :) I agree: those jars are mighty cute!

Anonymous said...

Looks gorgeous and those jars are unbelievably cute! I don't know what I would use them for but I still want them!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds really good! I love lingonberries so anything that reminds you of them would be worth a try. TY.

Laksen said...

jag köpte såna burkar på nån av köksbutikerna i sthlm. Kanske granit eller cordon bleu.
De är väl mest avsedda för kryddor tror jag.

Liv said...

söta små glasburkar i olika former på Systrarna grenes idag. Billiga var dom också.

Anonymous said...

I just love berries, all kinds of berries. Yumberry is quite juicy and not too sweet but I don't find it oftenly here in Hong Kong. My grandfather used to make wine with fresh yumberry and I agreed with Boywing, it's pretty strong but it's good for diarrhoea.

Gil Favor said...

If the smoothie tastes as good as the pictures look, it must be great.
But above all, they definitely will be healthy!