Friday, February 06, 2009



You have just over one week until Valentine's Day to make something special for your special someone.. My special someone happens to love Orangettes, so I thought it'd be nice to post about them. I made these for christmas but might make another batch soon. You can use other citrus peel as well - I bet lemon or grapefruit would be really nice. And do use a good chocolate, it'll really affect the outcome. I don't bother with tempering, but then again, I keep mine in the fridge.


Three oranges

Sugar syrup:
200 g sugar
200 g water

To cover:
100 g dark chocolate

Start by washing the oranges carefully. Use organic, unwaxed if you can find them, or just scrub regular oranges well. Dry them, cut the peel into fourths, gently peel and cut across to make nice little sticks of peel.

Place the orange peel in a small saucepan. Bring water to the boil in a kettle or another pan, and pour this over the peel. Let it boil for three minutes, then drain. Repeat this twice, with fresh water each time. This blanching will make the bitterness go away, and it'll also help the peel absorb more sugar syrup.

After the third drain, mix sugar and water in a small saucepan and bring to the boil. add the peel, and leave to cook on low heat for 30-35 minutes. Be careful to not let it dry out so check on it!

Drain (and you might want to reserve the syrup, which is now lovely with its intense orange flavor) and place on rack to dry up overnight. On the next day, melt some chocolate, and dip the peel. Place again on the rack to dry.

Recipe in Swedish:
Syltade apelsinskal


Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Anything covered in chocolate has my vote for a special treat fopr Valentines Day.

Anonymous said...

Oh yum! I keep meaning to make the ones in My Sweet Vegan, they sound so good!

Anonymous said...

Jäklar, den där bilden var inte bra för mitt ständiga sötsug! Det där ska jag definitivt testa nån dag, men jag har en fråga. Ska man ta med hela skalet, rubb och stubb; eller bara det yttersta som är oranget?

Förlåt för att jag inte skriver på engelska, orkar inte :)

Anne said...

Rebecca - allt, annars blir de väldigt tunna. Om det är extremt tjockskaliga apelsiner kan du skrapa av lite av det vita efter blancheringen och innan de kokar i sockerlagen.

Daniel Roos said...

Vad gott Anne :-) älskar såna här fast jag brukar inte orka göra dom om jag ska vara ärlig utan köpa Valrhonas. Må så gott mvh Daniel

Anonymous said...

These orangettes are lovely! My son absolutely loves these. I should really try them now.

You will eat it and you will like it said...

Ahmenåh vilken bra idé Anne! Ännu mer kärlek och omsorg på Alla Hjärtans. Jag har gjort syltade apelsinskal om julen för ett par år sedan och vet wow-effekten de har. Faktum är att jag känner igen Rebeccas tips på att pilla bort det vita! Med resultatet tunna, krispiga och alldeles underbart goda.

Anonymous said...

I planned to make these for my sweetie for Valentine's Day as he loves chocolate and orange, so had everything done except for the chocolate when I ended up sick, so alas could not make them or anything else for that matter for V-day. I did dip them the next day and they were wonderful, we loved them and so did my sweetie's mother, now she wants to make them. Thanks for that tasty recipe.

I Poderi del Sole said...

It never crossed my mind to actually make my own orangettes. I'm so glad you posted this recipe.
It's tonight's project. Thanks.

Cafe Pepela said...

They look very delicious!

: )