Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend Cat Blogging - nine weeks old!

Lotus, who's moving in with my cousin - glad to have him "still in the family".

The adorable, adorable kittens are nine weeks, and definitely growing into "little cats" rather than just cuddly kittens. They are excited explorers, and very daring. They've had their first shot, which went very well, and all but one are now spoken for and will move into their new homes in about one month. You can see the full photo set on Flickr.

Lincoln, definitely the star according to breed standard. And still for sale.

Land Rover, cuddly and with huge paws - he's going to be a very big boy

Lexus, adorable in his classic tabby pattern

Lamborghini, who will move in with a bengal cat - suits him well, because he's probably the liveliest one of the bunch.

Lancia, the only girl, and looking more sweet and feminine than her rougher brothers


Jessica said...

for some reason I can see the black one, the first one, dangling off a kitchen counter or so ;)

Jessica said...


Lexi said...

Wow, you can really tell the difference between Lancia and the boys! So adorable!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable.

Anonymous said...

Those Kittens are too cute and adorable, i hope one day having the same in our home!

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Kinna Jonsson said...

Jag blir avundsjuk när jag ser bilderna - de är ju helt bedårande.

Dagmar said...

Lincoln is the cutest!!

Anonymous said...

Out of control cute!

Jeanne said...

Oh I'm so in love... They are drop-dead gorgeous - and how funny that Landrover is going to be a big boy like his namesake!

Jessica Adams said...

Aw gorgeous kitties! I would love to know what the colouring of the 1st and 5th kittens is called... That dark black and grey tabby colouring, it's amazing and it doesnt seem to have a name!

Anne said...

Jessica, they're actually called black smoke. Genetically, they're black but with the silver gene. They're not tabbies, but the silver allow some of their underlying tabby pattern to show through. It can be really stunning, and it's definitely one of my favorite colorings!