Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Swedish Cheesecake Day


Oh, I almost forgot to post about this very important day: November 14 was Swedish Cheesecake day. Ok, maybe not so important. Or not at all, really. It's a new tradition, that started in 2004, probably as a reaction to Cinnamon Bun Day (which is October 4th)


So, what's Swedish cheesecake? It's very different from American cheesecakes, I'll tell you that! It's baked, it's grainy and it's almondy. And it's a pain to make yourself, since you need rennet. I, and just about everyone else, buy it ready-made at the store and bake it in the oven until warm. It's then eaten with jam and whipped cream. Delicious, and very, very rich.

I asked the main produced - Frödinge - if this was ever exported and sold in maybe IKEA across the world, but sadly, no. As it's a chilled product, it's hard to ship. But if you're ever in Sweden - try it!


Dagmar said...

I can't believe I missed it! :-) However I'm still planning to make it at home, before Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Is it something you can find easily in all cafés? I'm planning to spend next summer's holidays in Stockholm and one of the most appealing things to me from Swedish culture is the famous fika ^^
I don't know that two weeks can be enough to try every café in Stockholm (without gaining weight, that is), but I'm determined to do my best! Swedish baking sounds so yummy..

Anne said...

Valeria, unfortunately no. Regular cafés usually don't have it (although it's available in every grocery store) - but some might. Let me know when you're here, and I'll be glad to have you over for fika and cheesecake :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, do you mean it? That would be great! Even more as I study Swedish, I just can't wait to practise a little more (and to teach my boyfriend by forced-full-immersion XD)

Anne said...

valeria, absolutely! You are very welcome :)