Friday, November 07, 2008

Kitten news, and dinner cooked by someone else

ungarna nyfödda.jpg

First of all, my dear kitty Gisele Gruyère gave birth to no less than six kittens today! Impressive! She doesn't live with me, but with my aunt, so you might not get photos every week, but I'll try. I need help naming them, so check back tomorrow for individual photos and the name rules!


Per made a really great dinner a few nights ago. It's pork tenderloin, sliced and beaten with a pan until thinned down a bit (I'm sure there's a more technical term...), then filled with Cambozola blue cheese. It's fried, and then served with a delicious chanterelle sauce, and tomato bulgur wheat. Incredibly delicious - the flavors are all strong and assertive, but surprisingly good together.


Rebecca said...

Oh, kittens. I look forward to see pictures. If my apartment was bigger than 24 sqm I'd love to have a cat. But it is a little bit too small now =(.

Jessica said...

I want kitties! I want kitties! I want kitties!!!
Imagine it as a protest. With signs. ;)

Anne said...

Rebecca - that's not too small, as long as you can provide a fun atmosphere for the cat. We had a kitten that lived with a couple in a tiny tiny apartment in Gamla Stan, but she learned to utilize the height instead, and loved to climb. (Not very typical for this breed.) She lives in a bigger place now, but is still a climber :)

dlyn said...

This looks wonderful and congrats on the kittens - they are adorable!