Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Cat Blogging - the whole gang

Ywette, proving that she still has what it takes

My cats have a new toy. Their well-trained human (me) bought them a Da Bird wand cat toy, on Ebay, and they are very enthusiastic about it. They all absolutely love it, but Hamlet doesn't like playing near the girls, so he decided to nap in his not-so-well-trained human's box of dvd:s, that are ultimately heading for the attic. (Any week now...)

Hamlet, having a good nap.


The feathers move quite much like an actual bird, so the cats get a real hunting kick out of this one. They train their eye-paw coordination, and you can get them to run and jump - a real workout!

Glinda and Klara, not looking at their most intelligent...


This is a brilliant toy to exercise your cats, so definitely get this if your kitty is on the chubby side. Or just needs more fun! It takes little effort for the human, but it's not something they can play with on their own, so you will have to interact. Which is why you have a pet in the first place, yes?

Kelly, wide-eyed

These toys are also recommended if you have a shy cat, who won't let you come very close. It's a great way to play gently with them, without scaring them. Well, not a problem with my kitties, but I hope this is useful advice for someone.

Little Klara, training her balance


Jessica said...

Hamlet sleeping in a box on top of dvds is a tribute to the saying that cats can sleep hanging upside down.
Klara has grown like, well she has grown tremendously! At what age are they considered to be adults?

And do you suspect cats to do as you want them to? ;)
Ohhh, that should be a fun thing to wait for...

Jessica said...


Anonymous said...

They're all so adorable, but Kelly is fantastically beautiful! Look at that face... those paws!

Lexi said...

Wow, that toy looks fantastic!
And Kelly has totally stolen my heart :)

...zeg het nekeer said...

Oh wow, your cats are SO beautiful! I've been reading your blog for a while, but I onluy just got around creating my own, so I thought I'd leave you a little comment... :)
I love that you combine a love for cats and food! Great pictures too. We have 2 kitties here as well (they're now almost 6 months old) and one of them is indeed getting a little chubby, so I might think of getting that toy too, it looks fun!

Anonymous said...

Lining up for the Kelly fan club. She is adorable

Amanda said...

Anne, your cats are just darling! Mine loves feathers, too. I bought her a peacock feather and she destroyed it in minutes. She also loves to jump after helium balloons and--her favorite--chase a red laser beam dot. We get loads of laughs from our cat!

Morven said...

What gorgeous round faced kitties.

My two love their bird on a stick toy too. It's great fun isn't it.