Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Duck Confit with fruity Bulgur - perfect!


Who knew? I had a very old tin of duck confit, brought to me from France several years ago. The eat-by date had just passed, and it was clearly time to break open this delicacy. If it was winter, I'd probably serve the duck with roasted potatoes, a creamy sauce, maybe some sauerkraut... but as it's in the middle of summer, we wanted something lighter. So, I went for the delicious fruity bulgur I told you about yesterday, and coriander-chili yogurt. A perfect meal.


Amelia Ames said...

I have never tried confit. Do most people get it in a can? I wonder if the taste is that much different from fresh confit? But I suppose you can only really get that in France.

Anne said...

Amy, I've never tried fresh.. but I imagine it'd probably be about the same, since the fat preserves everything so well.

Jeanne said...

LOL - I thought I was the only person who lived dangerously and ate tinned goods past teir sell-by date ;-) The confit duck looks delicious and the photo is beautiful!