Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cookbook Watch - harvest time


It's the middle of August, and most berries are either gone by now, or in their prime. Apples are soon coming into season, and plums are perfect at the moment. I don't have any fruit trees or bushes, so I'll be doing all my picking at the market - but that's ok too, and there's plenty to choose from. As for what to do with the loot.. well, that's where these two books come in.


Both are only available in Swedish, and both are written by very accomplished female pastry chefs. And I'll tell you right now, both are well worth the space on the cookbook shelf. One, Min äppelbok ("My Apple Book") by Elisabeth Johansson is just about apples. The other, Frukt och Bär ("Fruits and Berries") by Ingela Persson has a wider scope, and covers everything from citrus, rhubarb, currants, plums, pears, apples to peaches, cherries and sloe berries. It's more focused on preserving in different ways, whereas the apple book has a lot more dessert or baking ideas. Both books are very nicely made, but the apple book has more photos. If you have loads of apple trees, you should definitely opt for Elisabeth's book. If you, however, don't have much of a preference on what fruit or berry to work with, get the other book. Or really, get both. You won't regret it.


AstridVU said...

Hi Anne! Wow, what a blog! So "tasty" and informativ. Specially loved your reciept archive - I will be coming back and use this blog as an inspiration! Is it okay if I link to your blog from mine? Have a great fall with the harvesting (even though you do it at the market) ;)

Anne said...

Astrid, of course! :) I love your profile picture, and now I'll go straight over to check out your blog, too :)

Candace said...

Anne, this is one of my favourite blogs as I believe food is its own artform. May I link to this blog on my little art blog?
The lovely lovely apple cover on Johansson's book is too beautiful for words. I might get both!

Thank you.

Jessica said...

Köpte Saltå Kvarn, bra tips. Sprang på den på Designtorget snarare än på Bokhandeln men jag klagar inte :).

Jeanne said...

Wow, those books look wonderful - the berry cover is just a phenomenal photo. And I'm so addicted to fruit recipes at the moment..

Aidaho said...

Typiskt..Jag hade till slut bestämt mig för att beställa "en god höst" av Malin Landqvist och "Kitchen diaries" av Nigel Slater, äppelboken skulle få vänta ett tag..Och i nästa stund läser jag ditt inlägg. Så nu funderar jag på att beställa Elisabeths bok ändå. Man kan ju aldrig få för många kokböcker. Saltå Kvarn var förresten ett fynd. Även den gången var ditt inlägg en push i rätt riktning. Alltid roligt att läsa dina inlägg om nya böcker!

Anne said...

Candace - you're more than welcome to link, thank you :)

Aidaho - jag tror att båda av de är jättebra också, har bläddrat lite i Kitchen Diaries, och En God Höst verkar supermysig :)