Friday, August 22, 2008

Clafoutis in the making

All my text disappeared - how strange! Anyway, this photo is of Dagmar making a great plum clafoutis. Well, it's mostly of the baking dish, I suppose, and that alien-looking thing is Dagmar's hand. Notice her very handsome cat Yoshi, too!


Melissa said...

I love clafoutis..I know this had to be wonderful... I miss seeing the weekend cat posts of her cats.

Amy said...

Yum, delicious. My red bartlett pears are almost ready to pick. I suppose I'll have to make some kind of pear dessert. Or maybe pear sauce.

I used to have a cat named Yoshi. She was a little tabby.

Dagmar - A Cat in the Kitchen said...

Thanks for coming!
Melissa: I'll post some cat photos during this weekend :-)

Candace said...

Yummmmmm... I will have to try this too. Yoshi, what a darling! Looking for a tidbit, no doubt.

Your photos this week are just so fun and lush. Thank you for sharing!

Just went to the Athens Farmer Market. It was GREAT.

Gary J said...

Where is the finished product?! ;*)