Friday, August 22, 2008

Clafoutis in the making

All my text disappeared - how strange! Anyway, this photo is of Dagmar making a great plum clafoutis. Well, it's mostly of the baking dish, I suppose, and that alien-looking thing is Dagmar's hand. Notice her very handsome cat Yoshi, too!


Anonymous said...

I love clafoutis..I know this had to be wonderful... I miss seeing the weekend cat posts of her cats.

Amelia Ames said...

Yum, delicious. My red bartlett pears are almost ready to pick. I suppose I'll have to make some kind of pear dessert. Or maybe pear sauce.

I used to have a cat named Yoshi. She was a little tabby.

Dagmar said...

Thanks for coming!
Melissa: I'll post some cat photos during this weekend :-)

Candace said...

Yummmmmm... I will have to try this too. Yoshi, what a darling! Looking for a tidbit, no doubt.

Your photos this week are just so fun and lush. Thank you for sharing!

Just went to the Athens Farmer Market. It was GREAT.

Unknown said...

Where is the finished product?! ;*)