Sunday, June 08, 2008

Weekend Cat Blogging: no kittens just yet

hkullen 9v1
Habanero, Harissa and Honey, 9 weeks old

Still waiting for the kittens to make their appearance. It'll be soon now - Kelly's definitely feeling something going on, but hasn't gone into labor just yet. Just to remind you what her last litter looked like, here's a photo.

And the proud father this time is really beautiful:


and a very seductive-looking Kelly:



Anonymous said...

Her kittens are really wonderful. I am sure the new ones will be as well.
The proud father...well, is he really proud? Does he have a clue? How do cat-fathers approach kittens? Do they know these are THEIR kittens or they don't care at all?
good luck with Kelly! Please report on what's going on.


Anne said...

Anna, cat daddies are actually usually quite interested, but it really depends. Many fathers don't live with other cats at all (since fertile males can be quite difficult) but I've always had my Hamlet with my other cats and he's enjoyed playing with the kittens and teaching them how to behave. He has a fairly firm paw though! :)

Morris won't ever see these kittens as he lives in Gothenburg, but he's a good dad to his earlier daugther, who's actually also the daugther of Honey who's the golden kitten in the photo. :)

And no kittens yet, but Kelly is definitely feeling something...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation, Anne. I really know very little about cats but I like them very much. Maybe one day...
Your Kelly is really so beautiful and so regal. She looks like she is very beautifully groomed. Do you think she knows she has beautiful fur? Is she quite proud of the way she looks?
all those kittens including Honey are really lovely. And beautiful names too.

Good luck with your pretty Kelly! I hope all goes well.

Alicia Foodycat said...

Beautiful cats! Can't wait to have one of my own, I am so jealous of yours.

browniegirl said...

Oh Anne I think they are going to produce simply beautiful hard to resist kittens. I wish I could have one of those............wishing you and Kelly all the best for a safe abd easy delivery!! Hugs from Colleen

Anonymous said...

Morris looks like a curious, playful little guy yet still sort of dignified. He's got the slightest little jowls that are just so adorable.

Kelly, it seems, has really mastered her "come hither" look! It's as though, in her own cat mind, she's in one of those classic paintings with a naked woman lounging on a couch. "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful," she might say!

Anonymous said...

And will their names start with "K"?

Anne said...

A bit tired from spending the night on the couch with Kelly - no kittens yet. Waiting is driving me crazy - but that's part of the game...

Anna, she might look well groomed in that photo but the truth is her fur was terrible earlier this year and we gave her a massive lion cut. She's much happier now, but doesn't photograph as well ;)

Shelly, I totally agree :) And I do think she's pretty conscious of her good looks - everyone keeps telling her how pretty she is.

Pene - yes indeed! So start thinking! :)