Thursday, June 19, 2008

Buffy the drink

buffy the drink

I'm feeling quite zombie-ish these days. The two kittens remaining are really strong and healthy, but they still have to be fed every three or four hours. Around the clock. So, not much sleep for me! I'll give you a proper kitty update on Saturday - for now, have a drink!

I have no idea why this drink is called Buffy - I can't see any Slayer connection myself, but I found this in a magazine, and.. Buffy it is. It's tasty though - not overly sweet, and not overly alcoholic, either. I made a virgin version with just lime, orange juice, grenadine and passion fruit, and that was nice as well.

Buffy the drink
makes 1

3 cl Passoa
3 cl white rum
1 cl freshly squeezed lime
10 cl orange juice
1 passion fruit, seeds

Shake Passoa, rum and lime juice with ice. Strain into a glass with more ice and passion fruit seeds. Top up with orange juice.

Recipe in Swedish:


glamah16 said...

I'm all for a cocktail or two. This looks fab. I have to buy some passion fruit soon and start expermenting.

dp said...

The drink looks delicious.

But more importantly, I can't help paralleling your experience with the kittens with parents and a newborn baby. If you don't have kids yet, at least you'll have good practice. LOL

Anonymous said...

it DOES look pretty gory...

Jeanne said...

Glad to hear the furry babies are doing OK - you sound as though you are taking some strain though!! Cocktail looks wonderful - I'm a sucker for anything with grenadine.