Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Chiquita Fruit in a Bottle

chiquita smoothies

Chiquita jumps aboard the smoothie train, and launches three different "fruit in a bottle" smoothies, with no additives. They're suspiciously like my favorite drinks from Innocent, even using the same sort of ingredient list with "1 banana, 2 passionfruits" etc. Nice. But it feels a little bit like a rip off. Oh well. Three flavors then:

-mango passionfruit banana
-strawberry banana
-pineapple banana

Mango Passionfruit is definitely my fave, and it's a lot like.. again, the one from Innocent. A little bit thicker, perhaps. I suppose it's possible that Chiquita, being a banana company and all, uses a bit more banana in their drinks. Anyway - they're good, and they're cheaper than Innocent. I prefer Innocent, especially because of their brand ethics, but for a cheaper on-the-go alternative? This isn't bad.


Anonymous said...

Are they cheaper than a real smoothie? I still can't bring myself to pay $4 for yogurt and fruit in a blender.

Anne said...

They're pretty cheap - but what I do like about these is that they only use real fruit. No yogurt - I personally have a hard time with yogurt based smoothies, I prefer dairy free. :)

Anonymous said...

€2,35 here in Holland. These really are fantastic. Great post run drink :)

Anonymous said...

I agree, they are superb, and a convenient way to get your servings of fruit. As for Innocent, I don't believe they invented the product, either. Smoothies have been around for a long time, and there are other food companies that have been labeling their bottles in a similar way (1 banana, etc.). I'll buy what tastes good to me at a price that seems reasonable.