Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fruit Salad


Worried about eating your five-fruits-or-veggies per day? Well, do what I do and start your day with a fruit salad. That will get you well on your way, and it's really an excellent way to perk up a gloomy and dark winter morning.

I use whatever's in season and what's at home, but right now it's usually kiwi, passionfruit and raspberries. (Frozen, but they thaw in minutes.) Blood oranges are great to add, too. And if you're tired in the mornings, you can actually prepare this in the evening, cover it with plastic wrap and put in the fridge for a very quick start the next day.

This isn't all I eat for breakfast by the way. I generally have two open-faced sandwiches, generally with cheese or sometimes ham or turkey, and tea as well.


Cinnamonda said...

En vänlig hälsning från Finland! Lovely choice of fruit! I, too, enjoy having fruit salad in the morning, but I add some dried apricots and a handful of nuts in the mixture and cover it all with plain yoghurt.


tim relf said...

Good idea. Great way to start the day. Presumably we're allowed to wash it down with lots of coffee?!

Katia said...

The passion fruit looks so good, I seldom find it here when it's ripe. It seems like they cut them off the trees so early to ship, so they are not juicy and sweet. DId you find the passion fruit frozen as well?

Anne said...

Tiina - that sounds lovely, too. I rarely eat yogurt though - too sour! :)

Tim - oh, but of course. :) Or well, to each their own! I don't drink coffee in the mornings actually, but generally a few hours later.

Katia - no, I buy that fresh. I agree, it's usually a bit unripe but I like the tartness. They're fairly ok, at least! :)

glamah16 said...

That just looks lucious.