Friday, January 04, 2008

Cookbook Watch: Short & Sweet Dessert Deck

Short and Sweet Dessert deck

I'm on a cookbook roll - I'm really excited about the new books that've come out late fall, and what's in line for early spring.

This one is part of a four-book lineup from Potter Style publishers (the other ones are tapas, cheese and cocktails), and what I really like about it is its small compact format. It's not exactly a book, but every recipe is on a separate recipe card. I'd say *very* handy when it comes to actually cooking, and not just leafing through a cookbook. For browsing, it's obviously a bit less convenient.

I haven't tried any recipes yet, but I'm eager to - especially ricotta-sweet potato beignets, peppermint crunch ice cream sandwiches, sugar-roasted lemon sorbet and.. well, you can probably sense that this collection is pretty interesting. It has classics, but often with a unique twist. The author is Gale Gand (who's according to the backside blurb is a food network star?), and the recipes are taken from her previous books "Short & Sweet" and "Chocolate & Vanilla".


glamah16 said...

Gale Gand is famous Chicago Local. Shes known as one of the top pastry chefs. Food Network is a cable sation here devoted to food around the clock.I saw this in the bookstore once. Cute concept.

Anne said...

Ah, thank you! :) I have to look up her other cookbooks, too!

Pene said...

Did you have to show the Pavlova recipe, Anne? Now I feel homesick!!
Winter is a good time to make one.

Anonymous said...

This is truly an awesome website. I've copied a few recipes to my iPhone notes areas and share them with friends at parties. Thanks!