Sunday, October 14, 2007

The simplest of appetizer

fig camembert bites

This doesn't take any cooking skills whatsoever. Really.

-Sourdough bread, toasted. Homemade if you have it.
-Great-tasting Serrano ham
-Oozing camembert (mine could decidedly have been bit riper)
-Fresh figs, cut into wedges

You can add a bit of arugula/rocket, or maybe a smattering of black pepper - but I don't think either is necessary. For another take on this, check out Johanna's picnic sandwiches!


Jessika said...

and a cool dessert:
2 figs per person; cross cut but not split and squeezed until opened like a flower. Add some butter, a dash of cinnamon and perhaps a splash of rose water to the middle of each fig.
Bake in oven at 225 degree C.
Serve when they have cooled down for 15 30 minutes or so with ice cream.

Gloria said...

I like figs Anne and I love the simple!!! They looks wonderful xxxGloria

african vanielje said...

beautiful picture anne, as if we need any more ancouragement to eat figs. This sandwich and combinations of it have been haunting my kitchen since figs came into season. You should enter this sandwich into Marie's ( a year at oak cottage) Show us your sarnie event. Sorry, too tired to figure out links today. Monday!! Ps, cinnamon chicken looks great too. Have to try that.

Jeanne said...

I'm so in love with figs it's just not funny... Actually have 2 recipes pending at the moment that I need to blog. I just can't resist those purple orbs.