Monday, September 03, 2007



Look! I am so lucky - these gorgeous chillis were given to me yesterday by my new friend Chris, who's a Swedish food blogger. We spent a few happy hours chatting and walking at Formex, a really big design fair in Stockholm to which we had both been invited. She grows her own chillis and I'm completely envious. I'll try it for next year!

The big green one immediately got finely diced and mixed with sharp Västerbottenscheese and red onion, and stuck between two tortillas to make delicious quesadillas. I don't know what to do with the rest, but I'm contemplating a big pot of this.


Linnéa said...

Chili con carne som är så gott. Måste nog göras i veckan!!

Gillar verkligen din blogg!

african vanielje said...

Anne, you're a woman after my own stomach, both the quesadillas and matlis curry sound delish.

Christina W said...

Det var jättekul att ses. Ser framemot att ta en fika inom en snar framtid.
Den stora gröna heter Big Jim. Den mörkaste sotra röda heter Jalapeno Purple och den andra stora röda är dÉspelette. Den smala röda Cayenne och de svarta rackarna tror vi är Arizona Red. De små krutpaketen - Explosive Ember.

Christina W said...

Skriver man fort blir det lätt fel...mörkaste STORA röda ska det ju vara ;-)

emiglia said...

So jealous! I can't wait to hear about how the chili turns out... I love hot peppers in everything. I put them in tomato sauce sometimes with a little bit of cream to cut the heat, and then put it all over

hiltonheadpopcorn said...

Peppers look great! Do up the CHILI!!!!!

Tom Bastek
Hilton Head Popcorn Co.

Jeanne said...

What lovely chiles! my other half Nick would love them. I used to grow vast numbers of chiles back in South Africa but when I tried here, they got attacked by aphids :( Must give it another shot.