Tuesday, August 21, 2007



Dagmar recently suggested we'd find a place to pick berries, as neither of us has much of a garden. We found Rosenhill - it sounded promising.


Well, as it turned out, nothing was really in season, except for basil and onions, so we didn't pick anything, but we had a nice day out anyway. A tip is to call ahead, if you want to make sure they have something specific. But I bet they'll have loads of apples soon!

Apples, apples, apples

However, Rosenhill has more than picking fruit and vegetables to offer. They have a café and a small ecological store, a large porch where you can sit down to relax, and a nice "give-and-take-store", where you can leave your unwanted things, and pick up others. One person's trash, is the other ones treasure! (I found some very nifty cookie tins!)

Old tools can be rather beautiful

The plums were very unripe - except for this one.


this little mainyacha said...

Nice pictures. It sounds like fun, especially when there's something to pick!

Dagmar - A Cat in the Kitchen said...

And it was pretty expensive too, maybe it was a good thing that there was nothing to pick :-)

But at least we had a great time!

aurélie said...

I really like this idea of "give-and-take" store! it's a shame we don't have such things in france!

Pelle said...

Oh ho, Rosenhill. The biker café :) Did you drive there by slingerbulten?

KewaneeKonnection said...

Love the picture of the tractor. My dad had one of those when I was growing up in US. Fun to see one in Sweden since he was from Sweden.
Nice looking farm as well.

african vanielje said...

I love the pics Anne. It looks like you had a nice day