Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Raspberries everywhere!

Head over to Paulchens blog to see the round-up for the Garten-Koch Raspberry event! You can vote for your favorite - I entered my raspberry & limoncello semifreddo for this. There are many delicious entries!


Anonymous said...

Came to your site through "blog of note." Have to say, your recipes hear sound quite interesting. I'll definitly be coming back for more helpings.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Your recipe is currently in the lead, Anne! I LOVE raspberries. I have gotten about 2 quarts off my small patch in our back yard and am hoping to hit a U-pick this Friday. I try to freeze 9 or 10 quarts every year so that Brad, our friends, and I can enjoy raspberry pie all year long.

Big hug,

P.S.: that was an ingenius use of some of the dried cranberries in the garlic soup! I will have to try that as well!