Sunday, June 03, 2007

Weekend Cat Blogging - Happy Birthday, Ywette!

ywette 070325
Ywette, March 2007

Today is Ywette's 10th birtday. She's our grand old lady, our number one cat who rules with iron paws and decides what's ok and what's not. She came into our lives on September 11, 2001, which gives me at least one happy memory of that terrible day.

ywette fem manader
Ywette, five months old

She wasn't this tiny when we got her - she was already four years old, but she wasn't happy with her old home. Or more exactly, another cat in that household was very unhappy, with Ywette's constant bullying. So, her owners - our very dear friends Helmy and Bernt - decided that for everyone's sake, Ywette should move. To us. And we are ever so grateful.

Ywette with our "C-litter", in December 2001

Ywette and Hamlet fell in love, and had their first litter of pretty babies right on Christmas Day, 2001. And we've been lucky enough to have four litters after Ywette, all very easy and uncomplicated. She's neutered now, and has relaxed a bit with the runnings of the household. She loves finding a sunny spot and rolling happily in it, and she really enjoys our big outdoor cage. So much does she enjoy the great outdoors that she jumped to the top of the fence the other day, forcing us to add a great deal of netting - we really don't want to lose any of our cats.

Preferrably never. So stay healthy, please! And happy birthday sweetie!


Linda & Honey said...

A big hug to lovely Ywette on her birthday from her grandchild Honey!

Holler said...

What a great gift to be given!
My cats are also sun-worshippers! They seem to hate a strong wind more than anything else although snow has to be tackled cautiously!

Bowser said...

Happy Birthday, mum! I hope that you'll get a lot of nice treats today!

/your son Bowser

meeso said...

What a beautiful cat!!! The picture of her at 5 months is too cute!

Helmy & Bernt said...

Congratulations to Ywette from all of us! She couldn't have moved to a better home. We wish you many more healty years together. Ywette have four grandchildren and four great grandchildren that are 2 weeks old here at home now.

CatSynth (Amar & Luna) said...

Happy Birthday, Ywette! I added you to the WCB roundup so the others can send you wishes, too.

Elaine said...

Happy Birthday to Ywette from Austin in Illinois. Austin has just turned one year old so is much younger but hopefully will have a long and full life.
Glad to hear that you found a way to put a top on the outdoor room.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to Ywette!

winedeb said...

Many hugs for Ywette on her birthday! Now tell me, what did you cook up for her !!!!

Anne said...

Awww, thanks everyone! Especially Bowser, I'm impressed how you got the computer set up and everything! Maybe just a little bit of help there..

Winedeb - I'm ashamed to say, she didn't get anything special. She's a bit sensitive to other things than her normal food (and even that sometimes) and we don't give her a whole lot of treats. She did get a very nice package of gourmet food that she's enjoying though, and she got a couple of great toys including a super cute rather realistic catnip mouse. Her guests had quite a meal though! :)

Anya said...

I remember when you got Ywette! Oh, how time flies. Give her a big kiss for me, she's a sweetheart, iron paw and all ;-)

Anonymous said...

So beutiful!!! :-)
This is the most beutiful in the world.