Friday, June 29, 2007

Brussels, more positive!


Re-reading last night's post, I was a bit whiny. Well, for good reason, but still! The trip in total *was* good - great even. And especially all my travel companions!

And I bought chocolate! A mixed box for myself, orangettes for Per and fresh marshmallow with vanilla for.. me. Well. I wasn't much in the mood for shopping, or I'd have bought more, but I couldn't resist the lure of the supposedly very best chocolatier in town.

Goodies from Pierre Marcolini

As far as taking photos, I was a bad food blogger. I rarely remembered to photograph before I ate, and in some cases, not at all. And I don't really know where we ate - nowhere super special so it's not hugely important.

Lait Russe, which is as far as I can tell the closest I'd come to what we in Sweden call a Caffé Latte. At a small café opposite the Berlaymont where the European Commission sits.

A really tasty Spaghetti Carbonara. That totally hit the spot.

Breakfast, at a rather nice place on Place Luxembourg, with big baskets of great sourdough bread and several spreads and jams available.

Dinner after that first night of rushed shopping. A big steak, fries, sauce béarnaise. Good stuff.

And dessert, of course. A crème brûlée, nice, but a little teeny bit burnt on top.

Not what I'd call a cappuccino, but that's what we got everywhere when we ordered it. So I suppose it does come with whipped cream and chocolate on top, in Brussels. Well. It also came with Speculoos, which was very nice. (All coffee was served with these spicy little cookies!)


Anonymous said...

What, You were in Belgium, and wrote nothing about Trappist beer?

Anne said...

Good point, Berka! Yeah, I actually didn't drink beer at all on this trip. Sorry! No reports this time! :)

Jessica said...

ALl of it looks great! I love how they serve you your coffee etc., with the glass (or cup) on a plate with a pretty little cake or coffee napkin underneath (ok, I am getting waaaaaay too deep into my cake decoration studies now ;) ).

winedeb said...

Your treats of chocolate and food look great. I was in Brussels once during one of my whirl wind wine tours, but only for the afternoon. My shopping consisted of chocolates. They were awesome treats.

Pelle said...

I second that about the Trappist beer ;)

All that food looks soooo goood. I am sooooo hungry right now too ;) Give me some steak and french fries, yum....

sara said...

now I want food again! and coffee. and sweets!

M'nMs said...

Belgian waffles from the street vans and Pierre Marcolini were the highlights of my Brussels trip. Loved the chocolate and had my husband buy some on his trip to New York since the chocolates are not available in London...

Helene said...

Pierre Marcolini is my hero..I always get weak in the knees with his creations.

Matelda said...

Love to read food blogs and I'll add your blog. All the food looks yummy and keep it going! Love the chocolates..... Great work! :)

Mr. Z said...

Loved it. Wonderful pictures. And the food... Yummy.

Jeanne said...

So where are the beer pics?? And frites covered in mayonnaise?! ;-)

Isn't the Pierre Marcolini shop somethign else? I loved the flavoured marshmallow sticks. And I supprt the cappuccion with whipped cream idea - in South Africa you used to be asked regularly when you ordered cappuccino "do you want that with whipped cream or frothed milk?"

Anne said...

Jeanne, I'm blushing here. I didn't manage to have any bear NOR any frites with mayo. Not a huge fan of either, must admit. Although probably would have had some beer if I had had more time, or at least been a bit more relaxed :)

The marshmallows from Pierre Marcolini were pretty amazing! I wish I had bought more kinds! :)