Sunday, May 06, 2007

Yaki Soba from Wagamama


Here's the Yaki Soba I made the other day, from Wagamama's cookbook. I can't say that it tasted nor looked like the one I remember from last summer in London, but it was pretty good nonetheless. No recipe though, I'm not that thrilled with it.


Thrilled, however, describes how I feel about "Cyberkocken" - the event that I made a smoked salmon canapé for. Turns out it was good enough to win me first place - both in the allover category, and for originality! And - a tie for presentation! I'm very happy, and looking forward to hosting the event - in Swedish - in about a month. Should be right on time for Sweden's National Day!


Nässelblom & choklad said...

Grattis till vinsten! Läckert och spännande bidrag tycker jag.

winedeb said...

Congrats Anne! I knew with a name that you gave those canape's they would be a winner! How fun!