Saturday, April 07, 2007

Blue Cheese Bacon Pasta


Sometimes I make this. And I always wonder why I don't make it more often. After all - it's pretty divine. (But not very healthy, which is the reason I *don't* make it so much, after all.) I'm not giving an exact recipe - you need to do this the way you prefer. I can't tell what blue cheese is your favorite, or how much fat you allow yourself in your diet. But the bare bones here is plenty of crispy bacon, pasta boiled in well-salted water, and some kind of cheese sauce. The easiest way to achieve the sauce is to melt butter, and then melt the cheese into it. Finish with a little milk, cream, or water from the pasta. You can also use a ready-made cheese sauce (mild) and add the blue cheese into that. Not bad at all, either way.


extranyckel said...

Vad gott det låter!
Har läst din blogg ett tag nu och första gången jag trillade in här var min första tanke; "gud vad gott allt låter!" men, blind som jag kan vara ibland, tappade modet när jag insåg att det var på engelska. Himla tur att jag kom tillbaka och såg att du även har skrivit det på svenska!
Tusen tack, du har bidragit till en hel del middagstips :D

Victoria said...

oooh! tempting. Nothing's better than a big bowl of pasta and heaps of cheese. yums! and the fig cookies look like a definite winner. Can't wait to try them.

dagmar said...

I love blue cheese and I love bacon, I often combine them but I havn't thought about pasta sauce so I will definitly put this on my to do list!

Henrik said...

Just trying this out now - simple spaghetti with a white sauce; Danablu stirred in and melted, crispy strips of bacon with it. Heaven.