Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sweet Kitty Love

kelly morris 0703

Kelly and her boyfriend, Quentin. Keep your fingers crossed that we'll have new babies in nine weeks or so...

jamy 11v2

I have to show you the kittens, too. They move out in just one week, and it's starting to feel a bit upsetting. They're such cuties. And such bandits. Jamy "helped" me bake yesterday. Notice the flour on his ears. That's from dipping his entire head. Several times.

I took some really good photos this week, so I can't resist showing you a bunch. The full set is here - and there are some good ones of yawning kittens, if you like that sort of thing. They look quite fierce!

jamy 11v7

jupiter 11v1

juliet 11v9

julius 11v8


Pene said...

Beautiful portraits, Anne!!

dagmar said...

Wonderful photos! And I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

boo_licious said...

Lovely potraits of the Js! I esp love the one where Jamy has flour on it's ears.

Clivia said...

Awww, they are so adorable! Especially Julius, he is my favourite. Best wishes for Kelly!

jeena said...

You have great recipe idea's, what cute pictures of cats!! I love cats:)

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Linda said...

Fantastic photos!!!!!!

Morris is sending a "nose kiss" to Kelly;-).

leonine19 said...

they are so sweet