Sunday, March 04, 2007

The kittens, 8 weeks

jupiter jamy 8v1
Jupiter and Jamy, having a wrestling match.

Cuter and cuter! They are full-blown tiny terrors now though, and they run, climb and jump all over the place. They are good at handling the stairs, and will do *anything* for food. And all four are now booked, which is a great relief.

The Flickr set.

jamy 8v6

juliet 8v2

julius 8v10


Staximo said...

I'm in love with Jamy, it's my favourite kitten: its face is so intelligent and funny!

Bean said...

The whiskers on Julius are just fabulous. We have a "tuxedo" cat who is 10 and she has the same thing.

D-man said...

WAY cute kittens. The pic of Julius in the window would win an award easily. Simply beautuful. I'll try slipping in a cat photo some day to a post.....

boo_licious said...

Adorable J's. Each one of the kittens seem to have something special.