Friday, March 16, 2007

Barely a recipe, but...


so incredibly divine. It's a blue cheese avocado spread, and you need just three ingredients - a perfectly ripe, flavorful avocado, and a chunk (100 gram or so) of strong flavored blue cheese (I prefer St Agur, gorgonzola will be great too) and a spoon or two of thick, greek-style yogurt. Mash everything together, season with salt and pepper, and enjoy immensely.

We ate this with crisp rye bread.

This is green - so perfect for St Patrick's Day! Kochtopf is hosting an event - check it out!


zorra said...

I have everything in the fridge, so I can prepare it too.

Thank you for participating.

BeRKA said...

I will just be drinking on St. Patrick's Day. :-)

B.t.w. Has Tesse taken a break from her whiskyblog?

Pille said...

Sounds like something I would really enjoy and so simple as well:)

Brilynn said...

MMmmm, that would be nice and creamy!

Anne said...

Zorra - looking forward to the roundup!

Berka - I think so! She's getting married soon, and is quite busy with the preparations :)

Pille - it's indeed simple, but really tasty :)

Brilynn - creamy is the word! :)

zorra said...

I made it with goat cheese and it was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!