Monday, January 29, 2007

Avocado Beef Baguette

How about a quick dinner tip? This is tasty, but a bit unwieldy to eat. I think I'll take a more deconstructed approach next time. But it's simple. Baguette. Mayo. Tomato slices. Avocado mashed with lemon. And beef, pan-fried briefly and sliced.

Tomorrow, I have another dentist appointment. Not happy.


Jessika said...

I went to the dentist the other week after having avoided it for far too long. I dreaded it needlessly because a) my dentist is very nice and b) it wasn't as bad as I thought. I didn't need any serious stuff done (like a root canal), only three things that needs to be done. One is fixed already so that leaves one cavity and one chipped tooth. I thought it was bad enough and that didn't even involve the building catching on fire.

I hope parliament will get their act together and equate dentistry with any other medical care and set a cost cap for it.
This said, needing serious dental repair sucks. Nice thoughts sent your way :). With it fixed though, eating will be easier, and less achy.

dagmar said...

Good luck tomorrow! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the bakery won't start burning again :-)

Pamela said...

Good luck at the dentist!

This sandwich looks delicious!

amanda said...

ugh! sorry to hear about the dentist anne... never a good time! but that beef and avocado sandwich on the other hands looks that an amazing time. good sandwiches make me weak in the knees. i would love to try this :-)

nicole said...

I love the combination of beef with avocado! The photo of this sandwich is making me very hungry!!!