Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Blogging By Mail - from Korea!

I am totally floored by my generous blogging by mail package. It's sent from Jen of I Got Two Shoes, a lovely blog that was new to me. (Well, I'd seen the Weekend Cat Blogging posts - like me, she's a cat lover and has a beautiful black boy.) As you can see, my own cats were very interested in the package. Edith is rubbing against a box of sesame roll mix. As you can also see, there is SO MUCH STUFF! Here's what I got:

Three different kinds of instant miso soup! This excited Per who is a big miso fan. And I'm really looking forward to trying the different kinds - I've only ever had tofu miso soup, which I suppose is the "normal" here.

Bamboo salt. Which can apparently be used as a seasoning, a tooth paste or a beauty exfoliator. How intriguing!! I think I'll try all three. It's a big package.

Fantasy Herb Tea. What this fantasy herb is, I have no idea. But I'm guessing ginseng, perhaps?

More tea - this time, ginger. Looks absolutely perfect for the cold season, which is definitely here.


Fruitella Crazy - these are just like sour Skittles, but with the charming addition of swapped colors. Very weird. Purple ones are not grape anymore, but lime. And the yellow ones are strawberry. Red, are grape. Very confusing. I like it.

Gum, I'm guessing.

Oooh, this was great stuff! Garlic! Fried! It's like little garlic chips - *very* tasty. And I bet they give you great breath. But hey, that's what gum is for. I wonder so if you can make this yourself though, does anyone know?

A very red spice, I'm guessing something hot.

Mix for sesame rolls! Looks very yummy!

Absolutely delicious cashew clusters, crunchy and slightly sweet and salty at the same time. Not sharing these. But Ywette tried to make me.

Coffee!! Yeay!

Chocolate, in a vitamin-style jar. In fact, I'm thinking these are much nicer than my regular vitamins. I think I'll have one every morning. I'm sure it's very good for me.

And soba noodles! I've always wanted to try, and hey - here's my chance. It's both noodles, and packets of sauce.

Wheew - quite a write-up, for quite a package. Many, many thanks to Jen, and also to the host of this round, Stephanie at Dispensing Happiness. You did a great job!


KrakelSpektakel said...

Lagom till jul och allt!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy your package was as wonderful as the one you sent me!

Stellan said...

Argh. Avundsjuk. Nä, allvarligt talat var det där en otroligt kul grej.

Lisa said...

Och grattis till den nya gulliga frisyren.

Anne said...

Krakel - jamenprecis! :)

Brilynn - oh, I'm completely floored :) And very happy that you liked what I sent you!

Stellan - visst är det? Blogging By Mail är himla charmigt faktiskt, du får se till att hänga på nästa runda! :)

Lisa, tack så jättemycket :)

Dagmar said...

Oh, what an amazing food parcel!!!!! Incredible!