Friday, December 15, 2006

2006 Food Blog Awards

The Well Fed Network is hosting the 2006 Food Blog Awards! You only have until midnight dec 15 (EST) to leave your nominations, so head over there and nominate your favorite food blogs! There are several categories, including best photos, best recipes, best original recipes, best food blog overall and lots of others. You can nominate in all categories - have fun!


Anonymous said...

I don't mean to fawn on you but I suppose criticism - good as well as bad - is something a blogger appreciate. So, I suppose my nomination to "Best Overall Food Blog" could be interesting to you. Haven't learned how to link text yet so I'll just paste the text here (I promise I did post it as a nomination though).

Here it goes:

What I really appreciate right now is a food blog with everyday, but still delicious, food. A blog "with it's feet on the ground" as we would say in Swedish. Not too complicated recipes, several posts a week, nice photos, simple lay-out. Unpretentious without being boring (AND lovely cats every weekend). This inspires me to blog (and cook!) more than any famous professional site featuring recipes, photos and lay-outs I could only dream of doing.

Anne said...

Maria - oh wow, thank you so much! That's certainly amazing praise, and really warms me up :) Thank you!!