Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Apple Fennel Salad

This was one of the vegetable dishes I served for Thanksgiving. It was very nice and refreshing - it's crunchy with clean flavors, and I will definitely make it again. Maybe for christmas?

I used my latest toy - a Kyocera mandolin. It was absolutely perfect for the job! I used Jona Gold apples, but I think I'll go with something a bit tarter for next time. The inspiration from this came from a magazine clipping - I think it was from Ica's Buffé.

Apple Fennel Salad

2-3 large apples
2 bulbs of fennel
1 red onion
1 lemon
1 tbsp honey
1-2 tbsp olive oil

Trim the fennel, and slice very thinly. Put in a bowl of ice water for half an hour - this will make it extra crisp.

Core the apples (you don't have to peel them) and slice thinly. Slice the red onion too. (See why a mandolin is nice here?)

Make a simple dressing from the juice of the lemon, honey, olive oil, salt and pepper.

When ready to serve, drain the fennel and arrange everything on a large platter.

Recipe in Swedish:
Sallad med äpple och fänkål


JuanitaLaQuejica said...

This is the best blog concerning foods I've seing up to now. Congratulations, excellent work!

Brilynn said...

This post only reinforces the fact that I need a mandoline. Very nice salad.

Annette said...

This one goes straight onto my "to-try" list. And I already have the mandolin!
(For someone who doesn't, I think fine slicing in a food processor could be an alternative)

amanda said...

anne, this looks simple and delish! i also particularly enjoy the picture and how you brought out the hints of red apple skin in the dish by using that awesome red print plate! beautiful!

amanda said...

errr... i mean red onion! not red apple!

Anonymous said...

What a nice and relatively light dish, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Enligt Nigellas hemsida ska tv4 visa serien Feast med start 14 december. Hoppas, hoppas detta är sant!! Inte för jag hittar något på deras hemsida...Däremot hittade jag där Leila Lindholms blogg.

Det finns alltså hopp om härliga tvkockar inom en snar framtid.


Anne said...

Juanita - thank you!! :)

Brilynn - it's such a fun toy!

Annette - that would definitely work too, or just a sharp knife..

Amanda, thank you so much! It *was* a red apple though, so I think that's visible in the photo as well :)

Dianka, thank you!

Ida - åh, det vore ju jättekul! Och jag hoppas Leila fortsätter skriva i sin blogg, kul med bloggande kockar! :)

Hungry For Life said...

One of the best blogs i've ever seen. I love cooking as well. Great work! Keep going!

Emanuele said...

Wow! Lovely blog and inspiring recipes! I will surely try this one as soon as possible :) If you're into Italian food you can take a look at my blog. Ciao!