Saturday, October 28, 2006

Lindemans bin 75 Riesling

Yum! This was a really great find this summer. It's a lovely light riesling, with fruity tones of apples and oranges, with plenty of mineral flavor. It went really well with barbecued chicken skewers. And man, I know this summer was a scorcher, but now that fall is here, I admit I kind of miss it. So I'll just have to buy myself some more of this wine (Swedes, look here.) and take myself back to warmer days.

And yes, it's in a box. As are very many wines in Sweden nowadays. Bag-in-box is very popular here, and apart from the slighty tackiness of not having proper bottles, I rather like it.

(I thought I had a picture of the wine in glass though, but no - sorry. I have to get one next time we buy this - because this box? Long, long gone.)

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Pene said...

Of course, it's a good wine, Anne, it's Australian! And putting wine in a box was an Australian idea. The sweeter wines are usually more popular.