Sunday, October 08, 2006

Funnel Chanterelles

Being able to pick your own wild mushrooms is really special. I love it - sadly, I completely suck at identifying different mushrooms so all I really dare to pick are these ones, funnel chanterelles. They are easy to identify, and above all, they taste great. I'm not one to go out every weekend to hunt for bounty, but once in a while. And especially when in Dalarna. Unfortunately, my significant other thinks being in the woods is pretty much hell on earth, so we don't do it for very long. This year, we were decidedly out a bit late, so what you see in the picture is all we found.

However, it was enough to throw together this lovely little creamy dip. Perfect with crackers or even with tortilla chips - it worked a lot better than I would have guessed. I fortified the whole thing with some regular button mushrooms, the chanterelles are still dominant in flavor and if you can find other wild mushrooms - hey, use that. And if you get leftovers, you can always heat it up and serve stirred through some pasta. Yum.

Funnel Chanterelle Dip

100 g funnel chanterelles
200 g button mushrooms
200 g cream cheese
1 small onion
olive oil

Mince the onion and the mushrooms, and fry in a little bit of oil until softened. Let cool completely. Mix with the cheese, and flavor with salt and pepper. Serve.



Anonymous said...

If you recognise the Trumpet Chanterelle (Trumpet is more commonly used rather than Funnel) surely you must recognise Swedens favourite (and mine) the Golden Chanterelle?

Fry it in a bit of butter together with Parsley, superb together with meat.

Scott at Real Epicurean said...

I always have trouble identifying Chantarelles, they're pretty rare in my local forests.

I think I need to go picking with a local expert, if I can find one, to help me out.

All I find is ceps (and relatives), and a few other edible odds and ends.

Alanna said...

Lovely! Yesterday I met a "mushroom lady" who actually grows mushrooms in the Ozarks ... so the identification issue goes away though not the (wonderful?!) trek through the woods. I'll be looking for ideas ... this is a great one!

Anne said...

Anonymous - oh, absolutely. Except I've *never* found them in the wild. I do lots of "picking" at the store though ;)

Scott - I do see ceps, but mostly ones that have already been nibbled by animals. Sigh. They're good though!

AK - oh, that sounds very convenient. :)

Pille said...

I've never seen trumpet chantarelles in Estonia, plenty of golden ones usually, though! As opposed to you, I tend to be too keen and pick some that aren't exactly edible:) Still, there are loads of wild mushrooms to pick back home, as my recent mushroom bounty showed. Also, as my boyfriend seems to know a lot about mushrooms, I hope to be learning to know my mushrooms well over the coming years.

KrakelSpektakel said...

Det ser gott ut, men kan enbart phildelphia som gucka-bas verkligen fungera?

Anne said...

Pille, oh lucky you to have a mushroom picked for a boyfriend. I need to loan one, I think :)

Krakel - definitely! Do try it! :)

Lisa said...

Smart idé! Ska omedelbart sno den!