Friday, October 13, 2006

Foodie Gifts: Chocolate & More

My friend Pia is very dear to me. We have a lot in common - we both love cats and particularly British Shorthairs (we're both breeders), we both love "fika" - coffee and yummies -, we love beauty products, and we both love very expensive handbags. We like to combine some of these interests and often (well, not often enough) meet up for lunch or tea and shopping. On one of our last dates, she surprised me with a huge, huge bag. It was full of lovely stuff - all for me! It was a combined birthday and moving in present, and I could not have been happier. Pia had combined stuff from all over the world, that she had picked up on her travels. The theme was, deliciously, chocolate. I got chocolate from Germany, coffee-flavored marzipan with chocolate, from Lübeck, a chocolate lip balm, chocolate honey, chocolate toffees, and chocolate body wash. And that's just the beginning - also tucked in was a tea tong (a cool strainer kind of thingie for your tea bags), a gorgeous wine bag with cats on it, in linen, a bottle of rhubarb cordial, a peach-scented soap, a very hard to find soothing foot spray, a jug, a mixture of honey and hazelnuts (DELISH!!), cloudberries in cognac, and pineapple compote from the Azores. And I might be forgetting something more - probably!

Don't you wish Pia was your friend, too? Well, she *does* blog! Go visit!

Pia unfortunately missed today's Chocolate Festival at Nordiska Museet. I was there with my sister Ehva (who also blogs, but in Swedish) and we totally stuffed ourselves with chocolate before heading over to Rosendal's Garden for lunch.


Brazilian Linda said...

Wow! That IS a good friend!!! :)

thepassionatecook said...

wow... no wonder you didn't need to participate in EBBP! Can I meet Pia, please???

Anonymous said...

I think I want to marry Pia!
Just kidding ;-)
However, she seems to be a very kind friend. I just love getting food stuff like that.


Pia K said...


I'm glad you liked the gifts!

Hope I'll be fit for fight for the chocolate festival next year instead...