Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Saffron Shrimp Salad with Peaches

At least I got a pretty picture.

Ok, when I first read the recipe for this dish, I thought it sounded just fine, so I bookmarked it. (It's from Elle's food magazine, but it's published here too, in Swedish.) Then I decided to make it, bought what I needed, decided to trade jumbo shrimp for regular, and I got cooking. It's easy enough - sure, it had a lot of steps, but they were fairly straightforward.

When plating, I realized how many flavors and textures there would be. And when I tasted it, I realized that it was way too many. Way.

This salad has:
- crisp salad leaves
- shrimp marinated in chili and garlic oil
- grilled peaches
- roasted almonds
- roasted garlic
and to top it off, a dressing with saffron, garlic and parsley.

It's too much. Everything was fighting for my attention, and it just didn't work. The saffron was what finally killed it for me, I think. It didn't go very well with the rest and if I'd make this again - not so likely, by the way - I'd go for a simple vinaigrette with garlic and lemon, and not a trace of saffron or parsley.

You're not getting a translation of the recipe. And you should be a bit thankful for that, actually. But it *was* pretty, so here's another picture.


IndyFoodie said...

OH I hate when that happens. You think its going to be lovley and then its not :( But the photographs are fantastic! I just posted a photo of a dinner I had over the weekend outside and I was very surprised how much better the photo was! Must be the natural light.

Pia said...

It's too bad that you didn't like it. The strange thing is that we did...

Anne said...

Pia, it did sound so promising! I don't know - maybe I just wasn't in the mood, I had a strange feeling about the saffron from the get-go. But thank you for posting it, if you hadn't I don't think I'd have noticed it even if I do have the magazine :) And all tastes are different! :)

Emma said...

Thanks for your entry to DMBLGIT - have a look at all the entries here.

I know what you mean when there is all to many flavours in a dish, but it did sound lovely!