Friday, August 11, 2006

Snack time

Sort of a crisp-bread crostini with taleggio, a sharp blue cheese (Söderås blå) and my home made raspberry-strawberry preserves. Absolutely delicious.

The crisp bread is a recent find, it's made by Vilmas and is a sourdough spelt bread with several different types of seeds - pumpkin, sunflower and sesame were easily identified. It's very crisp and brittle, and very complex in flavor. A new favorite for sure.

The cheese - Söderås Blå - is locally produced in Rättvik, close to our cabin in Dalarna. The producer keeps sheep for milk, and has a café together with my favorite pottery artist, who made the gorgeous blue mug I showed yesterday. I'll tell you more about my latest visit there soon. For now, here's a picture of the cheese:


amanda said...

Looks gorgeous anne! i could eat the whole plate right about now.

Monica said...

One of my absolute favorite combinations - cheese & fruit. I might just have to make this tomorrow for brunch.

Fru Forsberg said...

Ja, det var ju kanske inte så himla smart att gå in på din blogg när man sitter här och försöker vara duktig och inte äta något onyttigt. Just nu rinner det formligen i min mun. SÅ sugen blev jag på dina snacks.
Kram, storasyster

Anne said...

Men kom hit och ät snart då, storasyster :)

Glenna said...

Yum. I love bleu cheese and anything sweet--looks scrumptious!