Friday, August 18, 2006

Åsa Klockars Pottery

Quite a few of you have asked about my blue pottery. It's very special to me, and made by pottery artist Åsa Klockars. Åsa lives and works in Dalarna, a beautiful part of Sweden. I bought my first piece at least five years ago, I think - and I've gotten quite a few favorites since then. And as you can see, I like photographing them! So here's some of what I have:

-a large mug
-a custom made set of plates
-a cake stand

I also have - but have neglected to photograph, I realize - a large shallow bowl, a lovely pie dish, a much used small milk jug (perfect for frothing milk before I bought the espresso machine) and plenty of small bowls that I originally bought for the cats. In fact, Åsa recognizes me now as the one who has all the cats.

Åsa has her workshop in her home, and also sells out of her home - but since two years, she also has a summer café along with a friend who makes cheese. Me and my mother went there this summer, and it was very lovely indeed.

I bought some new stuff, as you can see up above. It's a salt cellar (although Åsa insists on calling it a peanut bowl - it could be either), and two bowls. The turqouise is my favorite. She mixes the color herself, and it's really her signature. She does make a lovely light glazed blue as well, and white and black - but the turqouise is special. And in fact, I like it so much I had a wall painted the same color in our old apartment! (You can see it in this picture.)

It's called Bönhuset in Söderås, located very close to Rättvik. And it's an old mission church. Beautiful!

Part of the store

Gorgeous display!

I really like the square plates!

Another cake stand - or maybe more suitable for cookies.

So. If you're ever close by - do pay her a visit. I can't wait for my next one!


tin50 said...

Your pottery is simple yet attractive. They were neatly made and I also appreciate neatness in works. I guess you have mastered the art of pottery.


Anne said...

tin50 - it's not made by me! :) I hope Åsa reads this though, she deserves all the praise she can get.

Foodfreak said...

The pottery looks great, now I have another reason to visit Sweden :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Anne,
Do you know if this pottery can be bought online and shipped? I love the blue color and would love to have a couple of pieces.

Many thanks for letting me know.


Anne said...

Hi Anna!

Sorry, I don't think so - at least not for now. I'll ask her next time I have a chance though.